Regenerative Medicine in Gladstone, MO

Chronic illnesses or conditions like arthritis, or post-op pain and inflammation can be difficult to find lasting, effective treatment options. Have you been though physical therapy? Have you had surgical joint replacement to help with the pain treatment with no success? Then it is time to consider regenerative medicine to help treat your pain. Northland Physical Medicine treats various forms of arthritis, to extensive or chronic pain due to muscle tears, to postoperative inflammation. Learn about the options available for you with regenerative medicine today.Regenerative Medicine In Gladstone, MO

What is regenerative medicine?

Regenerative medicine is a developing branch in medicine that focuses on methods that can restore the structure and function of damaged tissues, organs and cells. Most other treatments aim to treat the symptoms. Regenerative medicine aims to address the underlying pain or damage. While other methods—such as medication or steroid injections—can provide relief, it is uncertain whether you will have lasting results. Instead, it’s likely you’ll remain dependent on these treatments for a longer period of time. But with stem cell injections, or umbilical cord cells, it is possible to heal injury or decrease disease, also to reverse certain diseases’ effects in some situations. Some other benefits that regenerative medicine provides include:

  • Increased functionality: As regenerative medicine will increase collagen production, your tendons and tissues will be strengthened, increasing your range of motion. This will also reduce the risk of injuries and pain in the future.
  • Faster recovery: Kick-starting your tissues’ and tendons’ regenerative process allows quicker healing, which means you can resume regular activities more quickly.
  • Reduced pain: By addressing the pain’s root cause, growth factors are delivered to the area of injury, which means less pain and enhanced healing.

What are regenerative stem cell injections?

Regenerative stem cell injections use umbilical cord cells for directed injections. Regenerative stem cell injections help provide pain relief, replace and repair the damaged cells, which reverse your condition while also treating the symptoms. Umbilical cord blood stem cell injections are safe, ethically sourced, and have been used over 60,000 times in the U.S. There have been no negative side effects, and the treatment has a outstanding safety record in Europe. All donors are rigorously screened and tested, for both parties’ safety.

If you suffer from joint pain in your knee, shoulder, hip, or foot and want to improve your life quality without invasive surgical procedures, you may be a candidate for stem cell therapy. The procedure itself is hassle-free and quick. A simple injection is all that is necessary with the stem cells and growth factors, with the help of advanced imaging to make sure the injection is precise. There is minimal (if any) pain and discomfort, and results can be seen very quickly.

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